Wednesday, December 22, 2010

uh oh!

Rail: Do you have any thoughts on how having [Theodor Adorno's Negative Dialectics] in English might change things? Or what could change as a result of them?

Robert Hullot-Kentor: Nothing special. The rubbish in the world’s oceans will rise to the surface and dissolve harmlessly, like fresh baking soda tablets; global warming will reverse into global mellifluousness, with an intermittent, pleasing drizzle; and the 184 million people that Hobsbawm estimates were shot, bombed, starved, gassed, and marched into mass graves and who were bulldozed over in 20th century conflicts, will send off postcards saying they feel better now.

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via National Parks Service

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She saw Archimboldi walking the desert, dressed in shorts and a little straw hat, and everything around him was sand, one dune after another all the way to the horizon. (Bolaño, 2666 p. 878)

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...uh oh!

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